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Antony and Cleopatra (Shakespeare’s Globe)

Clive Wood (Antony); Eve Best (Cleopatra ); Jolyon Coy (Octavius Caesar ); Phil Daniels (Enobarbus ); Daniel Rabin (Agrippa ); Sirine Saba (Charmian ); Ignatious Anthony (Maecenas );

Antony and Cleopatra is Shakespeare’s great historical love story,a tragedy infused with comic elements that explores the conflicting claims ofsex and power, expressed in poetry of breathtaking beauty. Conveying thepolarities of Rome and Egypt, Jonathan Munby’s ‘exquisitely understated’ (Independent)Globe production effortlessly captures the play’s cinematic rhythm, with CliveWood cast as a ruffian, ‘indomitable’ Antony (Financial Times) and EveBest ‘restlessly sensual’ (Guardian) in her lauded portrayal of themercurial Cleopatra


" Evening Standard" (Eve Best makes a superb return to acting at Shakespeare’s Globe, the theatre where she chose to launch her directorial career last summer.)

"Whats On Stage" (Jonathan Munby's production is a wonderfully clear and powerful interpretation of Shakespeare's late tragedy.)