Release Date:

Nov 2016

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Elizabeth: (The Royal Ballet)

​Opulent and intimate, this enchanting chamber piece combines dance, text and music in a fascinating exploration of the life and loves of Queen Elizabeth I. Choreographer Will Tuckett and playwright and librettist Alasdair Middleton co-direct this special performance, which brings together Royal Ballet Principals Zenaida Yanowsky and Carlos Acosta with actors Laura Caldow, Sonya Cullingford and Julia Righton in an atmospheric and nuanced tribute to the remarkable nature of this extraordinary woman. Martin Yates’s original score recalls the structures and harmonies of Elizabethan music, in a modern reimagining of a typical Tudor-period ensemble, deftly performed by worldrenowned cellist Raphael Wallfisch and acclaimed baritone David Kempster.


"The Stage ★★★★" (A beautifully realised work in every respect and a fitting farewell for Acosta.)