World Music

Release Date:

Sep 2003

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Dolby Surround; Dolby Stereo



Territory Exclusions:

USA & Canada

Aspect Ratio:

16:9 Anamorphic / 4:3



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Dances of Ecstasy (NTSC)

Dances of Ecstasy A sensory journey through rhythm, dance and music around the world visits Namibia, Korea, Nigeria, New York, Brazil, Turkey, Morocco, USA and Australia, interweaving traditional and contemporary ecstatic dance rituals. We all want to belong, to feel that we are part of something greater than our individual selves. Through interweaving traditional and contemporary rituals, we wanted to illuminate the spiritual vacuum and deep loss of community that exists in our modern lives in this time. We hope this DVD will inspire people to reconnect with that sacred source. (Nicole Ma)

Extra features

Four illuminating documentaries about various rituals portrayed in the film and a closer look at a ‘whirling dervishes’ ritual. Join in and ‘do it yourself’ with the complete ‘Power Wave’ a high velocity ecstatic dance workout with New York urban shaman Gabrielle Roth. Dance Your Own Dance - 80 minutes of Global grooves dance tracks, with psychedelic visuals by D-Fuse. Two ‘hidden’ bonus videos by One Giant Leap and James Asher.