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Sep 2014

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Piano Legends: Michelangeli | Argerich | Brendel

Alfred Brendel (Piano); Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli (Piano); Martha Argerich (Piano); Renaud Capuçon (Violin (Argerich)); Gautier Capuçon (Cello (Argerich)); Paul Gulda ( Piano (Argerich)); Rica Gulda (Piano (Argerich)); Argerich (New Japan Philharmonic Orchesta); Conductor (Argerich) (Christian Arming);

Drawing on a vast range of classical repertoire that includes someof the greatest works in the piano literature, this special collectionsurveys the legendary status of three of the most outstanding recording artists of our time. From Martha Argerich’s thrilling live recordings of Mozart, which pay tribute to her teacher Gulda, to Michelangeli’s famously rare 1962 RAI television performances.The set also includes – in addition to his interpretations of Haydn, Mozart and Schubert – an illuminating 70-minute documentary exploring the private world of acclaimed pianist Alfred Brendel.

Alfred Brendel in portrait

Haydn Sonata in E flat Hob XVI/49

Mozart Sonata in C minor K457

Schubert Impromptu No.3 in G flat D899

Michelangeli plays Beethoven

Beethoven Sonata in C Op.2 No.3

Sonata No.32 in C minor Op.111

Galuppi Sonata in C

D. Scarlatti Sonatas K11, K159, K322 & K27

Michelangeli plays Chopin

Sonata in B flat minor Op.25

Ballade in G minor Op.23

Andante spianato et Grande polonaise brillante Op.22

Fantasia Op.49 – Scherzo No.2 in B flat minor

Berceuse in D flat Op.57

Waltzes and Mazurkas

Michelangeli plays Debussy

Images Books 1 & 2

Children’s Corner

Canope (Préludes Book 2 No.10)

Bruyères (Préludes Book 2 No.5)

Martha Argerich plays Mozart

Piano Concerto No.20 in D minor K466

Concerto for three pianos in F K242


"A wonderfully warm and detailed picture of the great pianist ... a superlative production throughout ... Brendel in Portrait is an exemplary DVD." (Billboard - Brendel)

"Mr Brendel’s playing is that of a connoisseur; at every turn, you feel his obsessive interest in how the beautiful thing has been put together, in what makes it tick." (New York Observer - Brendel)

"... magisterial performances ..." (The Penguin Guide -Michelangeli plays Beethoven)

"Fascinating documents of Michelangeli’s performances dating from 1940 to 1951, albeit with ageing sound quality. Magisterial and powerful playing." (BBC Music Magazine - Michelangeli plays Chopin)

"This recital was filmed and recorded by RAI at Turin in 1962 and is black-and-white. The playing is anything but. Michelangeli plays with an amazingly wide range of colour and refinement of dynamics and touch." (The Penguin Guide - Michelangeli plays Debussy)

"... the visceral thrill of the playing of Martha Argerich, the elusive pianist and cult favourite, certainly merited the eager anticipation that her appearances always generate." (The New York Times - Argerich)

"Martha Argerich and her musical companions radiate a delight in music-making that makes this concert, recorded in Tokyo, a highly enjoyable and satisfying musical experience. The camerawork is devoid of gimmickry and places the listener to good advantage throughout. What a fine and expressive player Renaud Capuçon is! In the D minor Concerto Argerich is magisterial." (The Penguin Guide - Argerich)

"... her fiery account of the great D minor Concerto K466, in which every phrase in imbued with her personality." (BBC Music Magazine - Argerich ★★★★★)