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Feb 2021


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Gay: The Beggar's Opera (Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord, Paris / Les Arts Florissants)

Robert Burt (Mr. Peachum); Beverley Klein (Mrs. Peachum / Diana Trapes); Kate Batter (Polly Peachum); Benjamin Purkiss (Macheath); Kraig Thornber (Lockit); Olivia Brereton (Lucy Lockit); Emma Kate Nelson (Jenny Diver); Sean Lopeman (Flich / Manuel); Gavin Wilinson (Matt); Taite-Elliot Drew (Jack / Prison Guard); Wayne Fitzsimmons (Robin); Dominic Owen (Harry); Natasha Leaver (Molly); Emily Dunn (Betty); Louise Dalton (Suky); Jocelyn Prah (Dolly);

Written by John Gay in 1728, The Beggar's Opera is widely considered to be the first musical comedy, and one that pre-empted by about 300 years the current vogue for “ jukebox “ productions, which create a plot to fit around hit songs. Gay took some of the best-known tunes of his day, both classical and popular, and worked them into a savagely satirical tale set amongst London's thieves, pimps and prostitutes.
Wildly popular from its first performance, The Beggar's Opera has been the basis for numerous stage, musical and cinematic adaptations ever since. It explores a cynical world where capitalist greed, crime and social inequality are the norm. Robert Carsen’s new take on this classic is indeed “A brilliant tour de force between baroque and modernity” (Libération).


"… a Beggar’s Opera for our own turbulent times" (The Guardian)

"It sets the tone brilliantly for a scabrous, virulent, gleefully profane production that teeters between grotesque humour and genuine shocks" (The Telegraph ★★★★)

"[Robert Carsen] bedazzles us when, with a magician’s touch, he spins the stage set around and transforms a baroque farce into a Thirtie’s Hollywood comedy…" (Libération)

"An update that underlines the timelessness of a play whose fiery irony inspired so many artists over the years." (La Croix)

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